10 reasons for a girl to go bald!



the obvious ones…

#1 zero hair  products

#2 no more bad hair days!

#3 beat the summer heat!

#4 the bald bandana style!

the other reasons…

#6 you can get a tattoo on your head!

#7 its the best idontgiveaf*** look!

#8 your hair might fall off anyway

#9 you can wear that pink-red-green wig!

#10 to strike one crazy thing off your list!

WARNING: don’t do it unless you have the right face, body and attitude… or risk looking like britney spears!

its my dream look… i dont know if i will ever be able to carry it…but the only real reason i want to go bald is.. its so ME!

.. be bald and beautiful! ❤ 


my dogess

PhotoEditor1364030328745a 11  year old nerd got a puppy home and a crazy girl in med school watched her dogess leave. Lisa (she had a ruff like the queen! from Elizabeth to Bess to Lisa!) she strutted her stuff around the house, barked her head off for no apparent reason, and always wanted to be patted!

<it was a clear moonlit night, i was on the terrace, lying down wondering what love would be like and if fairy tales came true, she sat beside me with her head on my tummy and gazed at the stars with me.>

<she was on a chewing spree, would spare nothing from my shoes to my favourite dress!>

<those days when she wouldn’t eat, i used to sit with her for hours trying to feed her! she could be fussy!>

<fireworks on diwali scared her, she would sleep by my bed with my hand on her back, she felt safe>

<i came back from school crying, my best friend didn’t like me any more, she crawled into my lap and licked me all over my face>

<i was gazing out the window with a listless look thinking i lost my first love, she put her tiny paw in my hand, and sat beside me>

<Shaggy ate Scooby snacks and i ate Lisa snacks, i didn’t like them as much as Shaggy did!>

<those crazy teen days i used to hate my parents, we would hate them together! and pretend not to be hungry! but when they said they were sorry would forget all the fighting and gobble up like monsters!>

<the rainy days where we would go to the terrace, get drenched, and catch a cold… her sneeze was the cutest sound ever!>

<i got into med school and i knew i wouldn’t see her so often, when i was about to leave, she stared at me with those kohl rimmed eyes saying i will miss you more>

<when i came home on my frequent breaks, and just as i would step out of the car, there would be a barking frenzy, waking up the entire neighbourhood!>

<when she looked sad with her droopy tail i would sing raindrops on roses and by the end of the song it would be up and wagging!>

<she never grew old! always the blur sprinting around the house but last month she put her head down and died>

she helped an invisible girl believe in herself and take on the world. she was the love of my life. i am left with so many memories and i know they will never fade away!