10 reasons for a girl to go bald!



the obvious ones…

#1 zero hair  products

#2 no more bad hair days!

#3 beat the summer heat!

#4 the bald bandana style!

the other reasons…

#6 you can get a tattoo on your head!

#7 its the best idontgiveaf*** look!

#8 your hair might fall off anyway

#9 you can wear that pink-red-green wig!

#10 to strike one crazy thing off your list!

WARNING: don’t do it unless you have the right face, body and attitude… or risk looking like britney spears!

its my dream look… i dont know if i will ever be able to carry it…but the only real reason i want to go bald is.. its so ME!

.. be bald and beautiful! ❤ 

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