Nerd and proud

Dear world who claims nerdy is the new sexy. Let me tell you what that really means,

Though I am a nerd, I am no Hermione Granger(hit puberty, look nothing like Emma Watson!)

When you picture a nerd girl don’t think of Victoria’s Secret Angels with nerd glasses. (They might have perfected the art of cloning but still can’t seem to get the brain to work)

Make up is what I do on halloween (most of the people can’t guess who I am, I pick characters from books or sometimes take it too seriously and show up as me braces and all!)

I am a book nerd. I consume books like a whore on crack! I fall in love with fictional characters.(Those are the only relationships I need)

TV shows Dr Who & Sherlock.(David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch, If only!!)

Hollywood movies show me as a shy invisible girl who morphs into a fairy tale princess (please stop. Just stop.)

Only I get to say “I would rather give myself to Voldemort” to the perv at the bar.

Every girl cried while watching Titanic. I cried more while reading about Snape’s love for Lily.

Best memories growing up: school library(reading about stolen kisses) The thing I miss most about school: homework.

I am not what I wear or how I look. Yes I am sexy in my own way. And what makes me sexy is my brain.

I am a nerd because I was born this way. I will never change.

Nerd, and proud.

Midnight Memories

Yellowing pages
Fading pictures
In her mind
suddenly brought back to life
To be forgotten again

A city so bright
A girl so shy
His face so different
Almost innocent
His eyes like hers
With a hint of madness

Beer bottles with a story
Everything flashing by so fast
The cars The thoughts
The lights
But he stood still
Amongst it all
Looking at her
They barely knew each other
But they knew each other

She waited for that kiss
that never happened
She knew how it would feel
That was enough
She didn’t know it then

They talked
she couldn’t remember
what he said
It didn’t matter
It was new years eve
December they were strangers
January they were friends
that was all they would ever be
She knew that when they first met
She wished she didn’t

A box of junk of memories
She held a beer bottle cap
And smiled to herself
It was real, he was real
It meant nothing
Yet everything
It changed nothing
yet everything
She was different
yet the same