All it takes

They say all it takes is a man who wears his beard like skin. All it takes is a smile that reaches his eyes. All it takes is that one person and that one moment.

And they are right, it’s instantaneous like the nuclear fission he talks about. It’s takes your breath away like the night sky. It lulls you to sleep like the sound of waves hitting rocks. It makes you want to smile like a baby. It gets your heart to beat like a million drums playing at once. It is true.

It’s like wanting to fly.

It’s talking about movies you watch with your family. About goofy things you did growing up and how you never want to stop doing them. A midnight stroll by the sea. It’s a hug that makes a stranger feel like you have known him all along. All it takes is that one moment when you step out and find that person. That is the first chapter of your book. A crisp, clean new book. A book that will grow with time till it is yellowing and the cover is worn out. And you know you will still keep reading it.

That is what they talk about. Write poems about. What they sing of. That happens sometimes.

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