Two feet tall

There she stood two feet tall,
Once an imposing edifice burnt to the ground.
Long dark locks and a blackened frock,
Held her ragged doll one soulful eye and a smock.

Two footprints in the ash that cloaked everything,
I thought I heard her sing, it might be the sad song of my heart.
She walked towards that hearth,
All that she knew was forever lost.

There he stood two feet tall,
A burning hut and a body in a pool of blood.
Mother. Get up. But his screams were unheard,
He held her finger in his hand and asked her to take him home.

People everywhere running for cover,
He stood on the street beside his mother.
It was a song of horrors untold,
Someone pushed him to the ground.

It was a blur of people, orange white blue,
I ought to hear their voices thought I,
As quiet as midnight on a moor.
Down that garden path she walked.

I saw all but the tears sliding down her cheeks.
She bent down and picked something up,
One tiny hand held a locket of gold, the other held a doll ragged and old.

I watched her as she stood up.
And there she stood two feet tall.

He pulled himself up muddy and bruised,
All of a sudden everything lit up,
Just as it appeared the light was gone.
But there was no one standing two feet tall.


Being Oliver Twist

What is it really to be free? Freedom is an empty stomach and having nothing to live on but dreams. That is what an orphan on the streets taught me.

Be brave. Because a life without imprudence will be spent in a warehouse with gruel that makes your stomach turn.

You might be a pickpocket or an investment banker. It doesn’t matter which. If you can close your eyes and think of something, anything and smile you have all you need from life.

Family is not always around. Sometimes you gain one along the way. Also every family is not apple pies and thanksgiving dinners. Sometimes a fire on a cold winters night is what brings a family together.

So what if you don’t have a roof over your head? Its a sign that says adventure is around the next block. And I don’t know what you may find but your life will never be the same again.

Friends may not be morally right and might be the scum of the earth. But friends don’t have to be right they just have to be there when you need them.

Love may not be around so much. But when it is it fills your heart. That is reason enough to live without it. For tomorrow it might turn up again.

Happy endings exist. If you believe they exist. They are why you keep walking through a blizzard. There is a field with butterflies and sunshine. It exists.

Survive that is all you have to do. And in the end you have to sit back with a glass of wine and tell your story.