The cuckoo from my backyard

I sit in a darkened room hope draining from my soul,
I stare into the distance lost and alone,
The stillness of this afternoon bears down on me today,
You start to sing so suddenly,
That melody reminds me of happier days,
Of chasing butterflies over brooks and streams.

It stirs inside me feelings I had long forgotten,
Of holding my sisters hand and racing down the hill,
My dark brooding eyes start to sparkle and I smile,
You remind me of the early morning tea with my gran,
you used to sing as we watched the sky change hue.

My dog loved your song for she pricked up her ears,
And stopped chasing the bees,
for that moment in time you were Mozart,
you held our emotions to that tune,
It swayed with every rise and fall,
And when you stopped it lingered on.

Why don’t I hear you often now?
Maybe my mind drifts to dreary thoughts,
But on days like this when I hear you sing,
My heart wants to sing along,
to skip and jump and twirl and dance,
Like the silly girl I was growing up.

Don’t stop just yet, let that tune grow stronger,
Sing to me oh cuckoo bird! and let me love again,
Remind me of the things that matter for I tend to forget,
Your song wafts through the air like incense on a rainy day.

I look for you but in vain,
I can’t seem to find you among those trees,
You are the genie from my childhood days,
You hold that key to my soul that I keep locked and sealed,
What time robbed me of you have returned to me,
A thousand times more valuable in these memories.


Roses in December

Remember that day we walked down this lane? I held your hand and the world seemed so distant. I can’t remember now what it was we talked about. The conversation has faded, but your smile burns into my heart like it had on that cold winters day.

Have you kissed another? And felt like we did? Did it feel like brandy flowing through your veins? They say love is cautious and brave. Maybe mine was reckless but it was love all the same.

We walked towards a bench and by it saw that lonely rose. Bright red it beckoned us. We sat for a while didn’t say a word. There was no one around and time stood still.

I was only seventeen. A silly ignorant teenage girl, hopelessly in love. Unaware of the world around her. I dreamt a lot back then. I didn’t know who I was or who it is I wanted to be. My future seemed so far away. We danced so often do you remember? Our laughter echoes in my mind, gurgling and fading away. I was carefree like the eagle we once saw circling over the valley. But as we sat there I found an answer to a question I asked myself often back then. Looking back on my life and wrinkled and greying what do I want to see?

That rose taught me this. All I want to be is a lonely rose in a field of snow. Frozen in time and memory. It won’t be easy to brave that storm, but it will be worth a thousand summer days. I won’t have the bees humming over my head. I might meet a raven or a fox crossing frozen rivers. The adoration of a million bees won’t be as golden as the acquaintance of these intrepid travellers. I may not bloom for long but long enough for lovers to come upon a rose in December and smile their sweetest smiles. Long enough for one lost soul that sings of sorrows unknown to gaze upon me and find hope. My road has always been the one less travelled by. That rose helped me find the courage to accept that. It’s the beauty not everyone can see and fewer can appreciate.

I didn’t know what you were thinking of as we stared into the distance my head resting on your shoulder and our fingers intertwined. I didn’t tell you then but my life changed that day. When I chose to live like roses in December.