The cuckoo from my backyard

I sit in a darkened room hope draining from my soul,
I stare into the distance lost and alone,
The stillness of this afternoon bears down on me today,
You start to sing so suddenly,
That melody reminds me of happier days,
Of chasing butterflies over brooks and streams.

It stirs inside me feelings I had long forgotten,
Of holding my sisters hand and racing down the hill,
My dark brooding eyes start to sparkle and I smile,
You remind me of the early morning tea with my gran,
you used to sing as we watched the sky change hue.

My dog loved your song for she pricked up her ears,
And stopped chasing the bees,
for that moment in time you were Mozart,
you held our emotions to that tune,
It swayed with every rise and fall,
And when you stopped it lingered on.

Why don’t I hear you often now?
Maybe my mind drifts to dreary thoughts,
But on days like this when I hear you sing,
My heart wants to sing along,
to skip and jump and twirl and dance,
Like the silly girl I was growing up.

Don’t stop just yet, let that tune grow stronger,
Sing to me oh cuckoo bird! and let me love again,
Remind me of the things that matter for I tend to forget,
Your song wafts through the air like incense on a rainy day.

I look for you but in vain,
I can’t seem to find you among those trees,
You are the genie from my childhood days,
You hold that key to my soul that I keep locked and sealed,
What time robbed me of you have returned to me,
A thousand times more valuable in these memories.


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