The clown in your rodeo

If you were a story I would be your tragic ending.
If you were a dream I would be the girl crawling out of a well.
If you were a poem I would be the word you can never rhyme.
If you were a full moons night I would be your werewolf.
If you were a car I would be your speed-bump.
If you were a starship I would be a Sith Lord.
If you were a bottle of scotch I would be the 7-up.
If you were time I would be a wormhole.
If you were insane I would be the hallucination.
If you were a tree I would be the chainsaw.
If you were Othello I would be the dagger.
If you were a rockstar I would be your cocaine.

But if you were a rodeo I would be your clown.


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