The veiled feminist.

When I walk down the markets you see an oppressed woman all I see are feet and blurred outlines. Do I like not being able to look up at the clear blue sky except from the window of my room? Is it my life’s dream to follow a man on a path that isn’t mine mine? Do I not crave adventure? I am just like you. But to the child born and raised in a dungeon the sunlight is blinding.

You say let go of your chains. Walk free. All I can think of is my family. My mother who spent her life being my living shield. My grandmother who couldn’t hope and lived her life cloaked in fear. My sisters who deflect this question by “the veil? What do you mean? I am ravishing in black!”

We are in awe of your confidence and long legs. But we don’t aspire to be you. We want to be invisible but seen, to be loved not coveted, to get drunk on freedom but not lose our senses. “So change. Drop that veil. Fight.” You have not watched your daughter tortured for your mistakes. To fear for your life and that ones you love. So don’t judge me if I keep the veil. If you have only known the familiarity of a cage the skies are daunting. I do not make excuses for living my life, I just live it.

I am your comrade in war but for now I will keep my veil. You might lose a job over an angry outburst I might lose my life. Don’t pity me, don’t judge me, don’t help me. There may be times when you have my back and there will be days when I have yours. For an idea to take life it must be accepted with open arms not forced. So the revolution is silent, it is slow, but it will keep humanity going.

I try. I may not have wings but I wish them for my daughters. I teach my sons what it means to be born equal. And I know the day I will be buried the white clouds will roll by silently, the birds will sing of love, the flowers will bloom and the bees will hum. And there from that grave my soul will rise towards the clear blue sky.


A post of no nonsense.

This is what would happen if Edward Lear was to write feminist verses with not so much nonsense!

There was a young girl with spunk,
“you think you own me if you get me drunk,
You disgusting deluded fool.”
Said that young girl with spunk.

There was a woman from Germany,
Who had lovers so many,
She wished she didn’t have to be ashamed.
That wonderful woman from Germany.

There was once a girl on a harley,
She had more tattoos than skin,
Why did she have to spend nights with a monster called Charlie.
Asked the brave girl on a Harley.

There was a little girl from Rome,
She had blue eyes and a stubby nose,
“don’t wander far away from home.”
Thats what they told the chubby little girl from Rome.

There was a country girl so bold,
She loved her whiskey neat and beer ice cold.
She sat on that barstool and asked to be left alone,
That country girl so bold.

There was a mistress from Wales
Who asked everyone she met, “he says he loves me,
Why then to ask for my hand in marriage he fails?”,
That tormented mistress from Wales

There was a boy from Bombay,
His parents told me on his birthday,
They had dozen girls aborted to be blessed with him,
That golden boy from Bombay.

There was a girl from New York,
She walked alone at 10oclock,
They groped her and she tried to run,
That terrified girl from New York.

There was a man from Italy,
He woke up to a different woman everyday,
And every night beat up his wife,
That wicked man from Italy .

There was an actress from California,
They called her Mia,
He said the part was hers but for a price,
that agitated actress from California.

There was a waitress at a cafe,
They called out to her,
“hey hoe, come let’s play”
That distressed waitress at a cafe.

There once was a peaceful person
Who looks upon the world and her anger worsens
She hurts inside, and gets up to fight
That once peaceful person.