For everyday things

   The intricate pattern on the clay like the veins on a leaf. My submerged feet through the clear sparkling water. The light dancing off the scales of a fish as the bird dives in. The tinkling of the spring nearby and the rustling of the leaves. The companionship of far-away mountain peaks half covered in snow . The solitude of the wooden log as it floats silently with the current. The water as it hits the rocks and the spray on my face.

 The lazy afternoon with the solitary star and that blanket of blue. The floating wisps of water higher than the soaring eagle’s reach. The silent sentinels of a time long past the towers in the distance keep a watch. A sombre shade of grey cloaks the obelisk. Like sages who witnessed battles from times bygone they smile at the musings of a girl no more than five and twenty on the river bank.

The sounds of the bazaar that never cease. That lone strand of her hair comes undone and sways in the breeze. The groove in her back as it disappears beneath the folds of her red saree. The earthenware cast shadows tall and stately, the brass pots catch the rays from the setting sun. A girl hops along the dusty road her hair in pleats a frayed blue backpack and her dupatta fluttering with the breeze. The cuckoo flies home and the crickets  begin to sing. I lean on the wide bark of an old banyan tree and watch the fading sky. A rickety scooter with dark fumes runs past me as I walk back home.

The night brings the diamonds to light. It cloaks us in darkness so we can watch them shine. Like a sleeping animal the town is asleep, alive only in its quiet breathing. The streetlights cast a dim glow upon the pavement and somewhere a lone dog howls. The moon is but a sliver of its rounded self, it amuses me to watch it wane. The crowded rooftops dotted with temple spires spread across the valley like a fog on a winters morning.

As I watch a new year dawn I wish for the world to endure. Broken it may be, but it has given me a day of silent wonder because it is the little things that make life worth living. It is not for torrid love, it is not for end of terror or war, it is not for treaties of peace, it is not for scientific wonders that will hold me enthralled; it is for everyday things that I want the world to go on.

Roses in December

Remember that day we walked down this lane? I held your hand and the world seemed so distant. I can’t remember now what it was we talked about. The conversation has faded, but your smile burns into my heart like it had on that cold winters day.

Have you kissed another? And felt like we did? Did it feel like brandy flowing through your veins? They say love is cautious and brave. Maybe mine was reckless but it was love all the same.

We walked towards a bench and by it saw that lonely rose. Bright red it beckoned us. We sat for a while didn’t say a word. There was no one around and time stood still.

I was only seventeen. A silly ignorant teenage girl, hopelessly in love. Unaware of the world around her. I dreamt a lot back then. I didn’t know who I was or who it is I wanted to be. My future seemed so far away. We danced so often do you remember? Our laughter echoes in my mind, gurgling and fading away. I was carefree like the eagle we once saw circling over the valley. But as we sat there I found an answer to a question I asked myself often back then. Looking back on my life and wrinkled and greying what do I want to see?

That rose taught me this. All I want to be is a lonely rose in a field of snow. Frozen in time and memory. It won’t be easy to brave that storm, but it will be worth a thousand summer days. I won’t have the bees humming over my head. I might meet a raven or a fox crossing frozen rivers. The adoration of a million bees won’t be as golden as the acquaintance of these intrepid travellers. I may not bloom for long but long enough for lovers to come upon a rose in December and smile their sweetest smiles. Long enough for one lost soul that sings of sorrows unknown to gaze upon me and find hope. My road has always been the one less travelled by. That rose helped me find the courage to accept that. It’s the beauty not everyone can see and fewer can appreciate.

I didn’t know what you were thinking of as we stared into the distance my head resting on your shoulder and our fingers intertwined. I didn’t tell you then but my life changed that day. When I chose to live like roses in December.



You are the one. The thought of you brings a smile to my lips and a tear to my eye. You hold my hand every summer as we lay staring at the clouds. Laughing every time a funny looking one rolls by. You kiss me in the rain. You hug me when I am scared, and write me poems when I am sad. Our conversations get me drunk like a bee on honey. It is all I will ever need.

You say we will travel. Together. Trains, old forts in the middle of nowhere, snow capped mountains, forest trails, skipping stones on rivers. Just breathing it all in.

You drive me to a farm just to read to me under the tree. You dance with me. You believe magic is candles and rocking chairs.

To you a perfect date is to snuggle together on a cold winters night and read a book. You know that nothing is more beautiful than watching the night sky.

Movies don’t always have color, neither do dreams. Music doesn’t always have lyrics. A painting is truly beautiful when you see that story it tells. A play is not just actors and dialogues it is a sea of emotions.

Like me you believe a house is incomplete without bookshelves, a piano, a gramophone, a jukebox, a grandfather clock and a trunk full of old things and memories.

You know we will grow wrinkly and old together. You know saying I love you isn’t important, because love is not a word it is a feeling. Then I will know. You are the one.

I don’t know if I will ever find you. This is my letter to you. If you read it I know you will come find me.

The REEL love story

For me love stories are forever. Some of them are from Jane Austen novels and some from the movies. This post is about my favorite actor who reminds me of the magic in romance, and why it will never work for me!
When I watch Audrey Hepburn movies, I want to…..

Find the right english gentleman
ME: I washed me face and hands before I come I did.
HE(slouches): where the devil are my slippers?
(If only there was a man who loved me even after I promptly threw ‘them slippers’ at him in an estrogen fueled rage!)

Go to the bar just to use the best pickup line ever “I don’t bite you know … unless it’s called for,”(how would I know it worked? If I woke up alone next morning in a strange apartment with a nasty hangover)

Write a diary and start the first entry with
“When I finally say I love you to any man and really mean it, it will be like a defeated general who’s lost all his troops, surrendering and handing his sword to the enemy.” (And follow that up with pages of conquests that will put my ‘oh-so-slutty’ girlfriends to shame)

Go to a ball and look disdainful so no one would know its my first! And end up dancing with my Prince Andre. (But Mom!! So what if he is a widower and old enough to be my dad? He is a very hot Russian)

Be a real phony. Own a cat just so I could call her “cat you poor no name slob” (all that just so I could fall in love with a ‘can barely earn enough to get a cracker-jack ring engraved at Tiffany’s’ writer)

Get high on phonetics(who needs weed?!) and dance to ‘the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain’ in the middle of the night!

Sing ‘I can do without you’ in the shower without it sounding like something Miley Cyrus would twerk to.

Sneak out in the middle of the night and pretend I am Princess Ann from the Roman Holiday! Fall in love with a beautiful stranger. Look at those who don’t approve(Mom) and say, “Were I not entirely aware of my duty to my family and my country, I would not have come back tonight… or indeed ever again!”(Yeah you heard me! Wait a minute, did I give up on my perfect love story just to see the look on my Mom’s face? How damaged am I?)

And yes…. dream in black and white (because to say I dream in color is like saying I dream I am in bed with Justin Bieber every single night)