You are the one. The thought of you brings a smile to my lips and a tear to my eye. You hold my hand every summer as we lay staring at the clouds. Laughing every time a funny looking one rolls by. You kiss me in the rain. You hug me when I am scared, and write me poems when I am sad. Our conversations get me drunk like a bee on honey. It is all I will ever need.

You say we will travel. Together. Trains, old forts in the middle of nowhere, snow capped mountains, forest trails, skipping stones on rivers. Just breathing it all in.

You drive me to a farm just to read to me under the tree. You dance with me. You believe magic is candles and rocking chairs.

To you a perfect date is to snuggle together on a cold winters night and read a book. You know that nothing is more beautiful than watching the night sky.

Movies don’t always have color, neither do dreams. Music doesn’t always have lyrics. A painting is truly beautiful when you see that story it tells. A play is not just actors and dialogues it is a sea of emotions.

Like me you believe a house is incomplete without bookshelves, a piano, a gramophone, a jukebox, a grandfather clock and a trunk full of old things and memories.

You know we will grow wrinkly and old together. You know saying I love you isn’t important, because love is not a word it is a feeling. Then I will know. You are the one.

I don’t know if I will ever find you. This is my letter to you. If you read it I know you will come find me.