A surgeon’s spirit

A general surgeon- Country liquor… Its cheap, easy to find, gives you a hell of a high(or so I have heard).

Obstetrician- Champagne… No matter what you had to go through to get to the top(in this case get the baby out) its worth it. Every. Single. Time!

Gynecologist- Beer. Why? ‘You assumed we remove uteruses so we like tequila?’

Pediatrics- Surgery on little people. Sometime their crying is unbearable, so give them a little gin from your bottle(only if mother’s love doesn’t work) and you are in fairyland again(No judging. But what did you think those cough syrups were made of?)

Ortho- Whiskey, because its a men’s world darlings! And even the few(can’t stress this enough) women in this world would reply to ‘Bourbon neat?’ with ‘fill her up!’

Neuro- What do you take me for? I went to med school! Mixing alcohol with neuro? Preposterous! Have you no morals?

Plastics- Bring out the wine… They know all about aging gracefully (at least the experienced/skilled ones do). The new just suck(ask Cher I think she has met a few!)

Cardio- Vodka, like the Russians, its close to their hearts!

Urosurgeons- Rum, it takes a pirate’s drink to stay sane when you know you do prostate exams for a living!